Home Electrical Automation

Home electrical automation allows you to control and operate the various systems and components of your home on a remote basis. This includes your thermostat, appliances, lighting and more. A well-integrated home electrical automation system will provide you with diagnostic information regarding the state of your refrigerator or dishwasher, for example, directly to your smartphone via a connected app. Our home automation services include:

  • HVAC control
  • Computer & Telephone networking
  • TV networking
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Because home electrical automation enables you to tap in to your home’s electrical systems and control them simply and easily remotely, the reasons for installing home electrical automation far outnumber the reasons not to automate your home’s electrical systems. A warning can be sent to your mobile device when the electric pilot light in your gas water heater or oven goes out, alerting you of a potential gas leak. A leaking plumbing system can be discovered quickly and the information relayed to a licensed plumber with the touch of a keypad.

Home electrical automation helps you stay on top of system maintenance tasks in your home and avoid costly repairs or avert potential disasters. Home automation also allows you to use energy as efficiently as possible and reduce your power consumption bills. For all of these reasons, it makes sense to look into the process of including home electrical automation in your home.


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