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Since you live in Arkansas, you’re no stranger to poor weather and seasonal power outages that can leave you in the dark. If you’re looking to prevent damage or inconvenience caused by loss of power, you need to invest in a residential backup electrical generator.


A home standby generator system consists of two products: A standby generator unit and an automatic transfer switch.

The two work in concert with your home to ensure when power is lost, it’s only for a matter of seconds before backup power kicks in. A standby generator system and automatic transfer switch are professionally installed to your home’s existing wiring. Constantly at the ready, the system senses when utility power stops flowing to your home for any reason, thus sensing a power outage. Within seconds, the automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers your home’s selected electrical circuits and appliances to backup power. Once the generator system senses utility power is back online, your home is automatically transferred back to utility power and the standby generator is shut down until it’s needed the next time.

Briggs & Stratton’s extensive and diverse line of Residential Standby Generators can power what you need – from a modest cottage to a high tech luxury home.

Make sure your home or business is protected by a reliable backup power solution! With a Briggs & Stratton generator, you can rely on your lights, appliances or tools, air conditioner, TVs or computers to stay on during a power outage. Standby generators are permanently installed and connected to your home or business’ natural gas line or liquid propane fuel source, along with the applicable transfer switch to support quick power generation. Check out the full line of standby generators available from the trusted experts at Briggs & Stratton.

Not only can power outages be a pain, they can be dangerous by disabling essential systems in your office. An electrical generator ensures that your businesses is resistant to any blackouts. Usually, backup generators are powered by an internal combustion engine, and can be used with or without renewable energy sources.

Today’s advanced generators can start working just seconds after a power outage. These are smart systems that will power up automatically, whether you are in the building or not, and whether your business is open or closed. All of your business’s vital systems will automatically power on right away, including your computers, security systems, lights, refrigerators and more.

Benefits of Owning a Home Generator

Few scenarios for a family are met with as much universal frustration as waiting out a power outage in the dark. A power outage interrupts a family’s daily routine and forces life to be put on pause until the power returns. Standby generator systems prevent that. Period. Standby generator systems are designed to keep lights and home appliances powered in the event of a power outage – automatically. Best of all, they provide peace of mind that your family won’t have to endure another headache-inducing power outage in the dark.

If you have questions about purchasing or installing a backup electrical generator, contact us at CJ’s Electric to get started! We have years of experience, and are ready to install a backup generator for your home.

Briggs & Stratton Fortress Standby Generators

Outlast the next power outage, maintain your family’s comfort and power the basics with the sleek 8 kW1 standby generator system. The 8 kW1 generator features the smallest footprint in its kW class, and still packs plenty of power so your home’s basic circuits and small appliances stay on during an outage all at an affordable price.

Gain the peace of mind, and quiet that comes with owning the new 12 kW generator by Briggs & Stratton®. Now 60% quieter* and 50% smaller than our old 12 kW¹, you don’t have to compromise your homes curb appeal to get the protection of automatic backup power.

It is time to stop worrying about losing power!  The 20 kW1 standby generator system seamlessly provides backup power to your home within seconds of a power outage.

Give your family unprecedented peace of mind that your home will operate as usual the next time the power goes out. Whether it’s storm related or a blackout, the Briggs & Stratton® 25-30 kW1 standby generator system provides your home with reliable, automatic backup power.

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