Residential Security Camera Installation


Thinking about installing a residential security camera system? Protect your home and family from break-ins, property damage and theft with surveillance camera installation by CJ’s Electric. We are experts at security camera installation and are ready to provide you with a free estimate today.


Peace of Mind
This biggest benefit of adding video surveillance to your home is knowing both your property and family have an added level of protection. Adding indoor and outdoor cameras will allow you to see what’s happening inside and outside your home while you’re at work, on vacation, or sleeping. The cameras themselves are a deterrent to intruders, thieves and vandals. And, if you connect your system to a recording device, you’ll have evidence if a burglary or home intrusion should happen.

Remote Access and Control
Today’s wireless technology allows for remote monitoring and control of your video surveillance system, so you can make sure your home and family are safe even when you’re away. You can check on the package you’ve been expecting while you’re at work, or make sure your teenager isn’t throwing a party while you’re out of town. No matter where you are, you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to see what’s going on at your house at any given time.


A home video surveillance system may cost less than you think. There are so many options available now for residential grade security cameras that CJ’s Electric can help you design a monitoring system that fits your home’s unique needs and your budget.

Whether you just want a basic camera and DVR setup for the front and back of the house, remote access, or something more complex, we’ll help you select and install the right equipment. Your security surveillance system could include wireless security cameras, motion detectors that can be synced to start video recording when they detect movement, cameras that work during both day and night, and even full-color indoor security cameras. You can even add a quad splitter to let you view multiple camera feeds at one time.


Trust us to set up your security cameras and monitors quickly and professionally. We will install the cameras and make sure they’re focused and aimed properly. We’ll also run the low-voltage electrical and video cables, and connect the cameras, monitor and DVR (if selected). Our installation service includes time to show you how to use your new home video surveillance system, so you’ll know exactly how it works.

CJ’s Electric has been serving Fayetteville, Bentonville and surrounding communities since 2002. We pride ourselves on providing the best residential electrical service around.

Our Clients Recommend Us!

Jay Barnett
Jay Barnett
Google review
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I had an issue where my new monitor would reboot every time the dryer kicked on. I'd tossed it around some internet forums and the consensus was something weird was going on and an electrician would need to come out and run all kinds of tests to track it down. I called Chris, he said, "Sounds like a loose ground wire," he came out, tightened some screws in the circuit breaker panel, and problem solved. So Chris 1, Internet 0. Also worked me in the day I called, and my dog loved him to boot. I will definitely call him again the next time I have a problem.
Daniel Allmond
Daniel Allmond
Google review
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Chris is always top of the mark. Professional and on time Chris always does a great job. Have used his services in my home as will as referring him to friends and family. He did not try and charge me to do an "estimate" unlike other companies.
Greg C.
Greg C.
Yelp review
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Awesome! Extremely knowledgeable, proficient, informative, and efficient. Chris wired our new house and was always available for questions. He showed us ways we could save money from him and through electrical bills. He only charged us for what he did and very up front about everything. Chris can be opinionated, but aren't all contractors? However, if I disagreed with his expertise he would honor our request. He lives for the Lord. We had many conversations around the Almighty. Chris does a great job spreading the Gospel. Most builders/contractors/servicemen can have a foul mouth or listen to inappropriate music on the job-site. Chris Jones only listens to Christian music and spiritual sermons AND he never uses foul language. I highly recommend Chris Jones for any electrical job.

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